Choose the perfect plan for you and your business.

Virtual Office Membership

$100/month + $25 one-time setup fee

Represent your business with our professional location. We offer virtual mail management, complete with system notifications and photos. Your response to each notification will instruct our staff how to action your mail. Our system keeps historical records, so you will never lose track of what came in, or how it was handled. Our average response time is 1-2 hours, Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm. Weekend mail will be handled on Monday, but if you need mail handed during the weekend, please give us 24-hour notice. Large Packages may incur additional fees. Unused office days roll over every month, and if you don't need them, we can apply the credits to other services.


What's Included

Address Posting & Google Verification

Mail handling

Virtual Mail Management

Use of Filing Office

2 Office Reservations Included

Accessible lock box

Mail Service & Address Posting

$25/Month + $25 one-time setup fee

Looking for a basic virtual office plan, and have no use for office days? We offer this plan that includes virtual mail management, with photos and messaging to track every piece that comes through for you. Our average response time is 1-2 hours, Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm. Weekend mail will be handled on Monday. Large Packages may incur additional fees.

What's Included

Mail handling

Google Maps business address verification

Virtual mail management


Mail forwarding

Individual Membership


Our membership package is ideal for customers who need a physical workspace on a regular basis, but don't need the office space rental for the entire month. Receive 2 days in a private office, a personal locker, discounts on additional purchases, and more. Unlimited use of the Filing room, office supplies, and lightening fast and secure Wi-Fi included. We also offer address posting to our members, including Google maps verification. Every booking accrues credits that are applicable to booking conference rooms, cubicles, or offices. Memberships are month to month, no long term contract required. 

What's Included

2 Office reservations

5% Discount on all purchases

Credit accrual on all purchases

Address posting & Google verification

Corporate Memberships

5-30% Off All Services

Set up your company for success with a productive and safe collaboration space. Need multiple desks or offices? Reoccurring conference room time? Receptionist or clerical services? Then our coworking spaces located in the heart of Tampa are the solution for you. We offer companies of 3 or more bulk discounts on all purchases. Contact us to find out more.







What's Included

Office Or Cubicle Access

Meeting Room Access

Personal storage locker rental

Use of Filing Office

Virtual Mail Management

Mail Handling


Receptionist & Clerical services


Secure High Speed Wi-Fi

Business Phone Services

$39/Month for Phone Line
$49/Month w/ Phone Rental

All plans require a onetime $25 setup fee.

Phone services are the lifeline of any business. We offer VOIP phone services, providing a business number that can be directed to any phone, which includes messaging, automated responses, and a voicemail box.

The 2nd tier plan includes the rental of a smart and professional hard phone.

Please allow 5-10 days for the setup of tier 2 and 3 services.


What's Included

VOIP services, 99.999% up-time guarantee

Phone rental

Smart phone app


Custom answering recording


Unlimited text messaging

In app voicemail

Private Network Rental

$10/Week | $30/Month

One-time $25 setup fee

We offer a secure but shared Wi-Fi network in our workspace, and for our customers who need extra secure networks, we offer private and custom network configuration. 

Private network configuration must be requested 24 hours prior to reservation start. We will contact you to request the requirements.

What's Included

Privately Hosted Network

Custom protocols & credentials


99.999% Uptime Guarantee

Mini-Fridge Rental

$10/Week |$35/Month

Reserving an office or cubicle in our workspace, but prefer to keep your food private? We offer a shared fridge that we clean frequently, but in covid times we understand the desire to be extra safe. Rent a private mini-fridge to be placed in your workspace on a weekly or monthly basis.

What's Included


Large Mini-Fridge

Personal Locker Rental

$5/Week |$20/Month

Renting a cubicle and need a place to store your laptop and personal items? We offer personal storage lockers that are '10x'10x'20 to keep your equipment safe. You will be provided with a key that must be returned at the end of your rental.


What's Included

10x10x20 storage locker


24 Hour access during your booking